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Beware Slippery Floors

As many of you know, the floor at Grove Green is sometimes slippery in some areas.

This problem is becoming more common not only at Grove Green but at a number of venues where clubs meet or dance.

The traditional answer to the problem was to use slip-stop powder. This does help, but can cause problems for people with asthma and its use is therefore discouraged.

The other options that help are to wet the suede soles of your shoes and also to keep the soles clean with a suede brush or by rubbing them on a rough surface like the concrete doorstep.

A number of people are now using non-slip rubber soled shoes. These can be purchased from many suppliers or alternatively, leather soles can be covered in rubber. A local cobbler can do this work. Non-slip soles help on slippery floors but the shoes can grip too much on some floors.

The best advice of all is to be vigilant and to take care at all times because any wooden floor may be slippery in some places or even all over and just because it was fine last time you danced on it does not mean it will be OK this time.

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